The Condor

We recently went to the annual Adelaide Show and whilst browsing abongst the myriad of product and machinery displays we came across this lightweight and innivative new water craft. (Ed)

From a social paddler to a experienced surfer, from the young through to the elderly, the Condor® offers the opportunity to enjoy being on the water to either relax, fish, crab, paddle or even sail. The Condor® is an inexpensive, quailty-built, stable product that has been ergonomically designed to provide maximum stability, support and comfort.

There are six models to choose from: Crab Chaser (pictured above), 2000 plain, Viking, Ute, Fish Hunter and the Kingfisher Ute.

The Crab Chaser has:
• Esky between the thighs [with screw top lid & drain plug]
• Fishing rod holder between the ankles
• Stainless steel carry handles
• Front storage unit
• Stubbie holder in left hand side
• Rod holder in right hand side [behind back rest]
• Rear storage compartment [to carry a tub or esky]
• Rope carry handle at each end

Options include:
• Paddle clips
• Anchor, rope & cleats
• Front storage liner
• Thick rubber gunnel & stainless steal cap
• Thin pinch weld gunnel
• Stainless steal tie downs on front
• Stainless steal tie downs on rear [behind back rest]
• 5 inch hatch
• Small stocking hatch
• Metal flake colours
• Sails available soon
• Rear storage compartment

The innovation and uniqueness in design has been rewarded with the granting of an Australian Design Registration. Navigate our site to view the various craft, colour options and standard features along with a comprehensive range of optional extras that will allow you to either personalise your Condor® or simply extend the uses of your chosen Condor®.

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